Smile-A-Ton Our Walkathon

About Walkathon

BKF is founded with one of its goals being creating awareness about kidney diseases and its prevention. Healthy lifestyle periodic checkups like kidney function tests, help in the early detection of kidney diseases. People suffering from diabetes and hypertension are more prone to suffering from kidney diseases. It’s advisable for them to take regular renal checkups to identify and treat renal malfunctions at the earliest. BKF carried forward their goal of creating awareness of kidney diseases and its prevention, to the general public by organizing annual walkathons coinciding with the World Kidney Day in March. The Walkathon conducted over the last couple of years has seen active enthusiastic participation of over 700 people of all age groups. From kidney donors and kidney recipients to well-wishers and sports enthusiasts, all participated with infectious energy in support of BKF, creating awareness about kidney diseases. The annual walkathons professionally organized in Central Bangalore, are also well supported by sponsors, NGOs, and well-wishers of BKF.