Other Ways to Give

Give Monthly

Make an Impact Year-round

By making a monthly commitment your support will add up to a big impact, helping us ensure sustainability by providing ongoing support to our project throughout the year. You can become a monthly donor and cause impact one month at a time. We’re grateful to our monthly donors for helping us support people with end stage renal disease support year-round. As a monthly donor, you will receive regular updates on the impact you are making. Additionally, at the end of the year you shall receive a tax receipt for the total consolidated value of donation made.

Advantages of Monthly Donations

  • It’s Affordable: You can donate small sums every month that eventually end up adding to make a large contribution at the end of the year.
  • It’s Flexible: You can donate a fixed sum or different sums every month depending on your free cash flows.
  • It’s Effective: Your monthly donation gives us the ability to plan ahead and help targeted individuals in need of support

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving means that people in India can give to the charities they care about as a pre-tax donation, directly from their pay, while they work. It’s easy, it’s effective and it delivers low-cost, efficient, and much-needed funding to charities like BKF.

For companies, workplace giving is a smart way to demonstrate a strategic commitment to corporate community investment. Corporate organizations can tie-up with BKF to offer all employees an opportunity to directly contribute to the cause from their monthly pay. Workplace giving delivers a positive financial impact for charities – this is low-cost charity funding, with 99 percent of all donations going directly to the cause.

Corporate interested in partnering with BKF for workplace giving can connect with our corporate outreach team to set the same up.

BKF is also exploring setting up a charity store(Shop for cause-a social enterprises) to become more sustainable.