About Us

The BKF is a leading organization in the State of Karnataka dedicated to the awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease for hundreds healthcare professionals, thousands of patients and their families, and millions of Indians at risk.

Mission & Vision

  • Provide affordable dialysis to the needy
  • Provide Total Dialysis Care
  • Facilitate accessible renal health care to all affected
  • Create awareness of kidney and related ailments
  • Initiate prevention programs
  • BKF is an organization focussed on addressing renal related challenges
  • Our core organizational objectives include :
    • We are focused on conducting screening camps for young adults to identify people at risk of CKD. Those identified are counselled on life style changes to avoid CKD
    • We are working on increasing awareness on organ donation to increase number of transplants done in India. We are working to start transplants at our partner hospital.
    • BKF offers comprehensive dialysis care at subsidized rates for those in India. In some cases it also provides free dialysis services. Any patient ends up spending around INR 21,000 upwards per month for maintenance dialysis. BKF is able to bring down this cost by more than 50%. This is achieved by offering dialysis at our 45 bedded center in Bangalore at subsidized rates.

About BKF

BKF pioneered the treatment of renal failure and kidney diseases in the state of Karnataka. The trust was established in 1979 and has evolved to become the nodal center for providing quality renal health care at affordable costs to patients across demographic profiles and economic strata.

BKF enables patients diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) to become self sustaining and ensures that they neither are nor are perceived as a burden to society.