During Oct 1977, Dr.A R Bapat, a brilliant research scientist at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore went into a coma and after two days, medical institutions in Bangalore were not able to diagnose the problem. Dr.Bapat was taken to CMC, Vellore and within an hour, he was diagnosed as a chronic renal failure patient. He was dialysed and regained consciousness. Dr. Bapat after a few dialysis in CMC, Vellore was transferred to Jaslok Hospital, Bombay (Mumbai) for dialysis thrice a week. This was because Karnataka did not have a facility to diagnose and treat kidney diseases.

Friends of Dr.Bapat decided that Bangalore should have a facility for diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases and the Bangalore Kidney Foundation was formed. The first dialysis machine was air freighted and within a month, dialysis was started in Dr.Bapat’s residence. This was the beginning of nephrology in Karnataka.

Bangalore Kidney Foundation was established on 5th Feb 1979 as a public charitable trust with the major objective of providing assistance to the poor and needy chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients. The BKF is unique in that all trustees are non-medical professionals from different professions, who volunteer their time towards the BKF objectives. Trustees belong to different professions like chartered Accountant, Legal, Manufacturing, IT and Real Estate. The BKF model is to deliver almost 100% of donor money to the deserving recipients. This is achieved through volunteering and administration expenses met through CSR initiative of companies.

In 1990 BKF-Chande-NU Centre, the first super specialty nephro-urology center started its function at Padmanabhanagar

In 2004, to coincide with the completion of 25 years of BKF, a new programme, One Free Dialysis a Day was commenced in order to provide at least one free dialysis for poor and needy patients.

The One Free Dialysis a Day program was also started in the dialysis centers of Sharada Dhanvantri, Narayana Hrudayala, St.John’s Hospital and later Rangadore Memorial Hospital and Pt.Deendayal Uphadhaya Dialysis center were added. 

Also Bangalore Kidney Foundation contributed dialysis machines to Krishna Sevasrama and also to Narayana Hrudayala.

In 2006, as BKF’s 25th year project, Rangadore Memorial Hospital, located at center of Bangalore south in Shankarapuram, Basavanagudi along with Sri Sringeri Math was initiated and a high quality dialysis center with low cost dialysis was ready by 2008. Currently at this dialysis 40 dialysis machines have been setup and about 200 patients undergo dialysis every month. One Free Dialysis a Day programme is sustained at this center also by giving 220 free dialysis and 110 subsisdised dialysis per month.

Narayana Seva- a scheme to provide 5 Kgs of rice and 1 Kg of Dhal in order to supplement nutritional food monthly for selected patients is continued and also mid-day snacks is arranged to the patients.

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