BKF decided to build a state of the art but affordable price dialysis center in its 25th year-2004.

   rangadore hospital

A key deliverable of this project was to enable high quality patient care for poor patients in an environment comparable to the best in the world.  During the course of discussions the Sringeri Sharada Math entered into an MOU with BKF by which the land for the project was allocated in Basavangudi, Bangalore.

Mr. Binod, Vice President, Infosys, generously donated funds in his father’s memory, towards most of the building and equipment expenses. This center has the latest equipment for dialysis and patient care. The project from conception to commencement of the dialysis center was completed in a record time of 12 months.

Apart from renal health which is administered in this hospital by BKF, the RMH provides affordable patient care in Oncology, ObGyn and Paediatrics. The RMH hospital is a 100 bed hospital with 4 Operating Theaters and 34 dialysis machines. BKF has plans to make this the largest dialysis center in the world scaling to 100 machines in one location.

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