7 ways to keep your kidneys healthy


The adult human body is made of more than 50 percent water and needs fluid to function properly. Most food naturally contains water, including fruits, vegetables, meat and bread. These foods are often not considered when tracking fluid intake. Beverages like water, coffee drinks, shakes, juice and soda are obvious sources of liquid. Ice, sherbet, gelatin and soup also count as fluid. Generally, anything that is liquid at room temperature is counted as part of the daily fluid allowance. People in the later stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD) should limit fluid intake because as kidney function is lost the kidneys can no longer remove excess fluid, which can lead to serious complications. If you have CKD, it’s important to recognize which foods to count as fluid to help improve or maintain your health.

You can help your kidneys by following these seven tips:

foodEat food with less salt and fats

Keep fit by doing at least 30 minutes of physical activity five or more days a week

Take steps to quit smoking if you do

Drink plenty of water and minimise consumption of soft and alcoholic drinks


Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, grains and lean meat
Do things that help you relax and reduce your stress levels
Go for regular blood pressure checkups
Remember, healthy kidneys are not a matter of chance. You can choose to keep them healthy!


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