News Letters includes the information about activities and events held on Bangalore Kidney Foundation. The activities of BKF are aligned with two of its major objectives. The project activities are those that address infrastructural issues that affect quality patient care to the CKD patients. The patient care activities address the cost of renal health to CKD patients. BKF enables patients diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease to become self sustaining and ensures that they neither are nor are perceived as a burden to society.



Greetings from BKF.

Starting from this communiqué we wish to communicate with all our well wishers, donors, supporters, associates regularly.

BKF is indeed indebted to all of you to have motivated us to provide assistance to kidney disease patients. However, it must be understood that due to the rising costs of consumables like dialyzers blood tubings, water, power and employee costs, we are constrained by increases in dialysis charges every year. BKF neutralizes the increase in dialysis charges by sponsoring free and subsidized charges by sponsoring free and subsidized dialysis of the poor. The dialysis centre provides on priority patients who are cart-pullers, vegetable/fruit sellers, ragpickers, retired primary school teachers and senior citizens.



11th Dhwani BKF Pt.Mallikarjun Mansur Music festival was a grand success like the previous festivals. The Dhwani music festival is looked forward to by musicians as well as music lovers. The Festival provides an opportunity for music lovers in Bangalore to listen to some of the living legends in the field of Hindustani classical music. Beginning from this year, the Organizing Committee of Dhwani has decided to provide an opportunity to artistes of the future.

Through this COMMUNIQUE we wish to inform you that the proceeds of the festival are utilized to sustain our services to poor patients undergoing dialysis.



BKF has been working on the launch of a Prevention Programme for sometimes now. It is unfortunate that more and more young patients with chronic kidney disease are coming for dialysis. An enquiry reveals many cases are avoidable ie if proper guidance was available to these patients.

The target for the prevention project will be students and staff of colleges and SMES. It is pertinent to note the average age of dialysis patients in India is 32-43 years.

Taking care of the kidneys can be invaluable. Some of the habits that can lead to kidney disease are:

  • Not monitoring high blood pressure and it’s control
  • High salt diet
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Holding back urine i.e. not emptying the bladder in time and allowing reflux of urine into the kidneys.
  • Not treating infections in time.
  • Abuse of pain killers.
  • Uncontrolled diabetes.
  • Excessive alcohol intake
  • Smoking habit
  • Severe stress.





Apart from creating an awareness on the need to maintain good renal health, the Foundation would like to sustain it’s services towards the poor patients undergoing dialysis at Rangadore Memorial Hospital (an initiative Sri Sringeri Sharada Peetham Trust & BKF) and also in some of the other Dialysis Units where BKF has been supporting.

To meet the goals BKF has launched an endowment scheme which will enable BKF to extend its services to the ever increasing dialysis patients.BKF would also like to inform that the scheme where in those observing their birthdays, wedding anniversaries or wishing to remember their loved ones on anniversaries could do so by sponsoring free dialysis to poor patients. For details please contact BKF (080 26981086).

All BKF’s well wishers and supporters will now have an opportunity to be in touch with us with this new and improved website.Your views,suggestions and even criticisms would be most welcome.

The first BKF Communiqué is dedicated to the large number of donors and supporters to the dialysis cause.


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